We anticipate that our designs will greatly impact system delivery, and then define your reputation ..

.. rest asure we will focus all of our resources!

Since 2004, the Abyssus team - including employees, suppliers and in most cases in close collaboration with our international clients, has solved conceptual challenges, under strict time and resource constraints, and through extended use of simplicity, symmetry, and standardization, deliver functional solutions that are easily documented and certified.







[ Subsea Installation ]


Our expertise is sensor installations on the sea surface, in the water column and on the ocean bottom

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[ Seismic ]


A fundamental understanding of seismic sensor behaviour and response, and prioritizing to optimize vs cost


[ Underwater Acoustics ]


Installation and use of acoustics for increased range, improved positioning and extended communication


[ Concept Development ]


Challenged by the client, design constraints, time and availiable component- and production capacity


[ Technology Management ]


Project management, risk-assesment and cost control of special assignments

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[ SME and IPR ]


Support seaking SME funding and business model development, but also IPR-strategy and steering advice

".. extreme challenges attacked with a vast amount of energy and genuine lack of respect for industry standards .. "

(a repeat client)