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Consultancy / EPC-projects / Product design / R&D



Abyssus can quickly establish a shadow organization that will manage a client's "Blue Sky" project, to an elevated level of technological maturity or fully commercially operational, in parallel- and with minimal disruption to your ongoing operations.


A versatile project team will relocate to a client site, offshore or work in a virtual group. Upon completion, the team will participate during installation, commissioning and training of dedicated operational crew.

[ Technical Project Management / Marine Operations / IPR ]


Complete deliveries, which consist of design, procurement and commissioning, or a "turnkey" project, are usually developed according to a strict technical specification. Often based on a third party owner, e.g. FPSO operator or a drilling ship. Typically, such a project will involve a semi-permanent installation of a sensor, and a 'kick-off' with all stakeholders present and Abyssus in a crucial role, and often cross-disciplinary enlightening. The project will often culminate in a yard stay, FAT or SIT and start offshore.

[ Engineering / FAT and SIT / Commissioning / Certification ]


Product Design


Often, and usually triggered by a coordinated request from a combination of clients or a general market requirement, a concept is developed and tested in a scaled-down setup with external resources to leverage their academic knowledge or with their operational experience. Projects can be established both externally and / or based on a third-party concept, or internally both in terms of idea and solution.

[ Concept / Feasibility / Development ]